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How Does It All Work?

Getting started with our digital menu systems is quick and easy. We custom tailor to your needs and design unique content for your brand.

Watch our demo reel

Check out our EyeChronic demo reel. We've pieced together some of our marijuana dispensary digital videos and menus in one hot loop.

Integrate. Propagate. Medicate.

Cannabis Dispensary Digital Menu Systems

Check out what our custom marijuana dispensary digital menu technologies have to offer.

Affordable Digital Menu Solutions

Our proven technology uses high energy motion graphic promotional media to sell more of what you want.
  • We make it easy for you with templates to choose from all the way to uniquely designed content
  • Brand consistency is important to us as much as it is to you, so our designs stay true
  • Promote your products with high definition displays and our professional grade content creation services
  • Update from anywhere using Google Drive Integration on PC/Mac/iOS/Android
  • SIt back and relax while we do all of the work

Its Easy With Google Drive

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to update your menu in seconds with our cannabis dispensary technology

Get Started With Google Drive

In order to update your menu items you will need Google Drive. You can download the app for Android or iOS or access the web app from your desktop browser. This will allow you to access your menu items from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Want to advertise?

Get your products directly in-front of the customers at the point of purchase. Advertise at a dispensary near you.

Promote. Provoke. Smoke.

Cannabis Dispensary Digital Signage Systems

Get your customers excited to purchase your products with high energy motion graphics.

Affordable Digital Menu Solutions

Our proven technology uses high energy motion graphic promotional media to sell more of what you want.
  • Target your audience directly to sell what you want when you want
  • Advertising at the Point-of-Purchase increasing your up sells and add-ons
  • Custom designed high energy motion graphic technology captures immediate attention
  • Remote support, revisions, and other assistance, our dedicated team is always here for you
  • Submit your requests from any mobile device
  • Schedule content based on time of day
  • DANK Caviar Digital Promo
  • Don't Forget Your Grinder Promo
  • Sunday Ounce Discounts Promo
  • Mondays Free Joint Trivia Promo
  • O.penVAPE - EYECHRONIC Promo
  • vlcsnap-2014-05-23-15h24m53s77

Watch our demo reel

Check out our eyeCHRONIC demo reel. We've pieced together some of our dispensary digital videos and menus in one hot loop.

Interested in our dispensary technology?

Contact us now to get a quote on our digital signage & menu systems.

Touch it & Toke it.

Dispensary Interactive Kiosk Solutions

Interactive online e-commerce solutions and strain database kiosks custom tailored to your needs.
  • iso-perspective-mockup-mobile-site
  • eyechronic-dank-steel-kiosk
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Brand. Re-Brand. Stand. (Out)

Dispensary Branding Solutions

Our team will help guide you through a branding process to give you an edge on your competition and stand out among the rest.

Dispensary Branding Solutions

We will help you build or rebuild your current brand to become a recognizable name and image among the industry.
  • Logo Design
  • Print Materials
  • Business Cards
  • Web Design
  • Style Guides

Why you'll love working with us?

We never stop working until your expectations are exceeded. Our highly talented and experienced design team will work directly with you on a personal level to ensure your dreams come to life.


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